Legendary DJ and producer Phi Phi digs out two of his floorfillers for the remix treatment, and we couldn’t be more happier with the results. The tracks in focus are the 2016 smasher Breaking Danger and the impressive Hiccup from 2015. Helping Philippe at the mixing desk is his long time studio partner Roddy Reynaert and yet again these two musical geniuses come up with the goods.

First up we have a wonderfully hypnotic remix of Breaking Danger which goes deep into progressive right from the get go. Punchy kick drums and subtle hi hats lead the way to the backdrop of a rumbling bass and intense pad. Cool FX litter the sound as the intensity levels increase thanks to that prominent, mesmerizing gated pad. Expertly crafted percussions drive the track beautifully, leading us into its dark and mysterious grasp. The vocal adds an extra layer of awesome as Walter White narrates keeping our intrigue. An absolute stomper of a track that you do not want to miss.

Hiccup is next for the Roddy and Phi Phi remix treatment and once again these two blow us away with another sublime effort. Chunky kicks lead the way before a deep and lush bassline takes over. The bassline is right on point here as it drives the progressive groove alongside a tight drum section that provides a steady flowing rhythm. Subtle spoken vocals play out in the distance adding mystery and intrigue while short bursts of acid seep through the groove. This one will definitely move the floors, an unmistakable must have, no doubt.

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Köschk aka Vince Aoun heads up our next Bonzai Progressive cut with the superb Levi’s. We last got a taste of this guys wonderful talent with his sublime remix on Stan Kolev’s Unravel Me back in May 2017. Lebanese DJ and producer Vince Aoun has been around the scene since 2010, when he started his online radio show Catalepsy, which ran for 5 years. Over those years, he grabbed the attention of many top jocks like Paul Van Dyk, Judge Jules, and Paul Oakenfold and his tracks appeared on many labels around the globe, until Cygnus got a notable release on PVD’s Vandit Records. He then decided to explore new horizons with his sound by debuting on BP in November 2015, with his fantastic track Lilium. In 2016 he started Koschk and debuted on BP with Diwan to a great reception.

The Original mix sets the tone on this pack with a sublime progressive slice that intros with a sharp top laden kick and crispy hi hats alongside a cool scratching effect. A muted bass waits eagerly in the shadows as wistful pads fade in just as the kicks and bass are injected with a firm dose of sub. A mesmeric arpeggio appears to take the track to the next level and settle us in for one hell of a ride deep into prog. Superb stuff, a must have.

Podgorica based DJ and producer Ognjen Vukovic aka AudioStorm is back at BP with another brilliant remix. Last time out he gave us his own cut – Lethal Engine as well as providing several quality remixes over the last few years. He is one of the first Montenegro ambassadors in music production covering all styles without limits with an expertise in deep, progressive house grooves. On the remix here we’re taken deeper into the progressive abyss with a tight drum section and a superb bassline helping to get us there. Sweet melodies cascade through the sound creating cool contrasts while a subtle acid line fades in. A solid slice that will not disappoint.

Karim S. aka Belgian DJ and producer Karim Sghaier is next up on remix duties and once again he blows us away with his tight production skills. He started his musical career in the early 1990’s learning the piano and synthesizer, nourishing his love of music. He began to buy his first records and shortly thereafter was inspired by Chicago house music and Detroit techno. After playing at several parties he got a spot on Topradio’s Gemini show every Tuesday evening before picking up his first residency at Bassment In Motion and Underground Techno Party. He is currently the resident at DJ Amnesia concept and spins on Boomerang FM radio (France) and RQC radio. The remix here delivers a wonderful, bouncing prog cut that will definitely fill the floors. Chunky beats, tight percussions and a probing offset bassline lead the way as subtle melodies creep in. The bass transforms effortlessly into a double time sequence and on the break it pairs up with a mesmerizing vocal before a huge climax takes us back into full on mode. This one is not to be missed.

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James Brucke debuts on Piston Recordings with the fantastic two tracker Just Like That. Based in Milan with numerous excursions to London, James travels between these two cities to keep himself up to date with the latest music trends. His musical influences range from classic, soul and jazz, deep house and dub to his beloved Detroit Techno and UK Garage. He grew up listening to his parents early jazz and soul records collection, the most overwhelming influence during his childhood was McCoy Tyner. In 2013, James Brucke moved to London where he started working in a production studio as sound technician. There, he began to approach analogue instruments that he still uses today in his productions. London made James even closer to UK Garage sounds which are fully expressed in his artistic mood. During summer 2015, he took part in a the famous festival Festa Della Musica in Parco Forlanini, Milan and he also performed at the Nelson Cafe opening party and at Tilt 237 club in Milan. He is really passionate about vinyl records and he frequently goes to well known records shop to update his vinyl collection.

Just Like That sets out with one thing in mind, to get the booty’s on the floors. Nice and punchy kick drums alongside a shuffling hi hat and percussion arrangement will certainly see to that. The track simply oozes a pure house vibe courtesy of a scathing chord stab that dominates the groove. On the low end we find a sublime subby bass that adds a wonderful deep layer to the track. Excellent stuff that will not disappoint.

All I Need intros with a fantastic thumping kick drum that will pound right through your torso and force you to the floor. Crispy hi hats and sharp claps complete a classic approach to the drums as warm deep house chords fade in. Cool FX create a surreal streak in the groove before a club style diva vocal rings out. Deep rumbling basses shore up the low end and show that this one has the full package and is not to be missed.

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Buenos Aires based DJ and producer Max Biocca debuts on Piston with Calvin Is Back, a pumping two track tech house joint that will rock the floors, no doubt. In the last couple of years Max has seen several releases on labels including Beatamin Recordings and Balkan Connection Tech. His production style delivers quality vibes with every release and we’re delighted to have him on board at Piston.

Calvin Is Back intros with a subdued kick drum and various percussions before a bright crispy hi hat comes through to get the rhythm moving nicely. The kicks are soon boosted with a mighty thump alongside a deep rumbling bassline which sets the tone for the monstrous tech house vibe. In the background we find a myriad of subtle sounds that add some wonderfully textured layers and giving the groove a lot of character. One for the late night sessions here, not to be missed.

Won’t Give In sets off with a cool percussion driven intro filled with shuffling hats and sharp claps. A pounding kick drum comes through to take over and we’re soon locked into the driving tech fuelled groove. The bassline probes deep here and will definitely give the bins a bit of work to do. Throughout the track we’re treated to an array of FX and some cool keys that give a unique character to the sound. Superb stuff and a must have for sure.

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Russian DJ and producer Kirill Smirnov aka Enlusion returns to Green Martian alongside Mumbai based Indian DJ and producer Pranav Mayekar on the fantastic Inner Shadow. Enlusion is making his mark on the progressive scene with some gusto, in just a very short space in time he has notched up quite an impressive back catalogue with releases on labels such as Unique Sound, Abstract Space, OLD SQL Recordings, Mystic Carousel and his debut on Green Martian at the start of 2016 – Innervate EP. Pranav is somewhat of a mysterious artist although, his Soundcloud page boasts an impressive and diverse range of sounds which intrigues. Plenty more to come from both these guys in the future, well worth checking out.

First up we have the impressive progressive vibes of Inner Shadow which intros with a muted kick drum before being gripped by lush bassy tones and a thicker kick. Rhythmic percussions form up with a bright crispy hi hat leading the way. The bass probes deeper, bending and warping creating a tangible atmosphere while melancholic synths draw on the emotions. A sublime effort that will surely become a firm favourite.

Prime Element delivers a fresh Summer vibe thanks to bright melodies and a nice dancey beat made up of chunky kicks and shuffling percussions. Cascading arpeggios take the main focus as a deep bassline meanders through the sound. The bass gives the track a wonderful characteristic while the upper frequencies carve out cool textures. Top notch stuff that is not to be missed.

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Miami Beach, Florida based Stan Kolev returns to Bonzai Progressive with the fantastic Unravel Me. Fresh off the back of remix duties for Gai Barone’s There’s A Lady, Stan racks up his 4th BP slice (not forgetting several quality remixes). As ever, we know we’re in for a real treat when this guy’s work drops into the mailbox. Unravel Me features remixes from top artists Gai Barone, Rick Pier O’Neil and Koschk.

First up we have the Original mix which intros with a classic kick drum and crispy hi hat set up accompanied by rhythmic percussions. Melodic synths fade in and we find ourselves totally locked on to the infectious groove that follows. Deep probing basses weave through the sound and are joined by stabby analogue synths and an array of hypnotic sounds. The short vocal captivates and adds so much depth and character to the track making this an absolute must have.

Gai Barone is up first on remix duties and comes back to BP fresh from his last outing There’s A Lady (featuring a remix by Stan Kolev) which performed very well indeed on charts and playlists. Always one to deliver the goods we love to see his newest works drop into the mailbox. The remix gets right down to business with a super tight drum arrangement to whet the appetite. Deep basses and atmospheric FX offer up a deep progressive groove while sweet melodic synths swirl overhead. Superb stuff once again from this guy, not to be missed.

Rick Pier O’Neil returns to BP with another fine remix that is sure to become a firm favourite. We last caught a glimpse of RPO back in 2016 on the remix for Matan Caspi – Fragile Sunrise and since then he’s appeared on several of our compilations. With new stuff always on the go we look forward to special collaboration from this guy and some of his friends, something to keep a look out for in the very near future. As ever we’re treated to a sublime progressive slice that takes us deeper into the groove. Tight beats and percussions deliver a strong rhythmic flow while sub level basses shore up the low end. Melodic arpeggios litter the sound creating a very cool dynamic against the deeper elements. This one will not disappoint.

Koschk presents something different on this release with his Tech Mix which will certainly stand out in any set with its pumping beat and solid tech house groove. Chunky kicks and crispy hi hats lead the way to the backdrop of mesmerizing percussions that add an extra bounce to the rhythm. A deep resonating bassline lurks down below while rising pads and FX get things moving up top. The original vocals are cut up with expert precision to create a real dancey club vibe which will put this one at the top of many charts and playlists.

The Dub Mix is a replica of the original with the vocal stripped out leaving a deep and groovy monster that will surely dominate the floors.

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Roman Kandel debuts on Bonzai Progressive with the superb two track slice entitled Mac. Roman is an underground artist who loves to make smooth, deep and captivating sounds. He loves to spend his time in the studio creating and trying new music and rhythms. In 2016 he released his first track Namen, which was championed by many jocks including Gai Barone among others. Much more to come from this guy, well worth keeping an eye on.

Mac intros with a real deep flavour made up of a tonal percussion section and organic FX that create a surreal atmosphere. Chunky kick drums soon follow alongside crispy hi hats setting the track firmly on course to rock the floors. Melancholic stabs keep the groove going deeper as subtle progressive elements creep in. A short break throws up a spoken vocal that adds to the mystique of the track making it an interesting slice. Top notch stuff that will not disappoint.

Cognitive Brain Reserve sets off with a tight and intricate percussion pattern made up with a myriad of sounds. The percussions deliver a real sense of deep progressive which is enhanced by the introduction of deep droning basses that fade in alongside intense pads. Those floor shuddering basses dominate the groove and change notes in tandem with synths and pads to create a sublime prog experience. Mesmerizing melodic arpeggios ease into the sound taking the track to the next level making this an absolute must have for any late night session.

#romankandel #bonzaiprogressive


Michael Brandi debuts on Piston Recordings with the superb tech house fuelled two tracker entitled Break It. DJ and producer Michael remains on the mysterious side, but we do know he loves to spin deep sets and his production skills are tight. Hopefully we will see more of this guy in the future.

Break It sets off with that classic kick and hi hat arrangement before various other percussions join in to settle into a smooth rhythmic flow. A sub level bass comes through and dominates the groove with its woofer shuddering prowess. A one shot vocal delivers a cool clubby vibe as that bass fades out to reveal a surreal FX driven sequence on the vocal before those tight drums and chest intruding bass returns. Excellent stuff that is not to be missed.

Ye intros with a cool muted kick drum and intricate percussion combo that teases us into wanting more thump on the kicks, and that’s just what we get as the kicks are opened up to reveal just that. The track really lifts of when the bassline slides in at a meandering pace bringing a smooth tech vibe to the groove. Hypnotic and mesmeric, this one will definitely get the booty’s shaking on the floors.

#michaelbrandi #pistonrecordings


Belfast based Boyard is back at Piston Recordings with another dishing of elegantly funky house music in the form of his newest two tracker entitled Still In Space. We were blown away by his debut cut – After Hours, back in April 2017 and we’ve no doubt this one will follow suit.

Still In Space delivers a smooth and deep groove right from the off thanks to a fantastic lush meandering bassline and a super tight rhythmic beat. A sultry voice crops up as the groove deepens with surreal atmospheric pads and FX coming through. Bright pianos come in on the break before melting away and leaving us locked into this hypnotically infectious slice. Top notch stuff once again from Boyard.

Sunrise intros with a nice slapped drum pattern and a warm house chord over the top. Punchy beats and shuffling percussions form up to create a nice rhythmic flow to the groove while a probing bassline dance across the track. Cool stabbing keys come in alongside high strings for that classic deep house sound. On the break the drums are accompanied by cool vocals before the beat returns for the duration. A definite must have track in your arsenal.

#boyard #pistonrecordings


Musical genius Airwave is on point as usual with our next Bonzai Progressive release – The Unfinished. Two beautifully crafted driving trance gems full of energy, soaring synths and pumping beats. His last outing here was his superb breaks re-work of the classic Blue Alphabet – Cybertrance, as part of our 25 years celebration which this guy has been a huge part of. With a career spanning over 20 years, Airwave remains consistent in the quality department with a seemingly never-ending creative streak. For the last number of years he’s been on something of a world tour having taken to the decks at various locations on almost all the continents bar the Antarctic (although if there is ever a club or festival, he’ll be at it). You can catch him in action at several upcoming gigs including Legacy Festival and the much anticipated 25 Years Bonzai party in November this year.

The Unfinished sets out with a real punchy kick drum to the backdrop of some fantastic FX and pads while a deep bass lurks on the low end, ready to pounce. Even at this early stage we witness a thunderous, driving trance groove that forces us to move with its infectious rhythm. Perfectly tweaked gated synths begin to rise as euphoria sets in and the melodies start to evolve locking us into its hypnotic clutches. A truly tangible atmosphere engulfs the sound thanks to those intense synths. Another masterpiece from the master, a definite must have in your arsenal.

City Of The Iris intros with a nice and chunky pounding kick drum that is accompanied by a myriad of percussions that form into a rhythmic pattern. Rich pads fade in delivering the seed that will grow into a spectacular display of trance music composition. A solid, chugging bassline soon dominates that throws the track into a full on stomper while the hairs on the back of your neck literally jump to attention thanks to a mesmeric arpeggio synth and beautiful voices. The break is something otherworldly, the sweetest of melodies combine before abruptly dissipating leaving us with a wonderful classic Airwave style synth pattern that will get the nostalgia juices flowing. An instant classic here that will rank right up there as some of Laurent’s best ever work. Outstanding.

#airwave #bonzaiprogressive