DJ and producer from Mauritius, Kush returns to Bonzai Progressive with the superb Night Owl which follows his last outing – Trigger. Kush was interested and passionate about music since his early childhood. He started to learn the basics of music using a keyboard at the age of 5. Growing up, he discovered the possibility of making music using computers and grabbed the opportunity to develop his skills and talents to produce electronic music. He was also part of a local rock band as a keyboardist. He is into many different genres of music and his electronic music inspirations and selections are rooted in groovy beats, heavy bass lines, emotive chords, dark synths, percussive, melodic and old school soundscapes.

Night Owl opens with a monster kick and bass combi that will get the bass bins doing overtime. Cool rhythmic percussions form up with a raspy hi hat at the core alongside snappy rim shots. The track goes deeper and deeper as a secondary bass comes through with its raw and powerful groove taking control. Gritty synths blend effortlessly into the sound creating a dynamically charged vibe. On the break we’re treated to some superb punchy stabs while a groovy chord begins to fade in. The beats return and we’re locked in once again to this raucous progressive tech fuelled stomper. A definite must have.

Sound Current intros with a punchy kick drum which is followed by some cool percussions that slowly builds into a solid rhythmic arrangement. Dark synth stabs come through alongside a deep probing bassline creating a wonderful progressive groove. At the midway point the track churns out some darker synths and surreal pads that takes us deeper into the progressive abyss. A beautifully arranged contemporary sound that will not disappoint.

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England based DJ and producer Zed White debuts on Bonzai Progressive with the superb Crazy Diamonds which comes backed up with excellent remixes from Kiz Pattison. Zed has appeared on several top quality labels over the years and he recently debuted on our Green Martian imprint with a great remix on Maxim Vozisov’s Gravitation. A solid and diverse artist who does not disappoint.

The Original Mix intros with a full bag of goodies already in switched on mode. A nice chunky kick drum leads the way alongside bright crispy hi hats and sharp claps. A chugging bass beefs up the sound as swirling pads float overhead. A deeper more robust bassline comes through bringing lots of depth to the groove while subtle acid lines add cool textures. Synth arpeggios cascade through the sound effortlessly, keeping the track moving. The intensity builds as the track progresses with melodic and darker elements showing up. The break dishes out a magical display of subtle arps that blend together beautifully and taking us up to a thunderous climax and back to full on mode. Excellent stuff and a definite must have for sure.

Kiz Pattison debuts on Bonzai Progressive with two solid remixes that will definitely get the floors pumping. Based in Birmingham UK, he grew up listening to and being influenced by artists from the late 90’s right up to the present day. These influences can be heard in his unique crossover style productions. He originally got into music production through DJing when he found certain tracks didn’t quite have the right feel, so he began editing tracks to suit his style. He soon moved to original music production which was just a natural progression and now he boasts a rapidly expanding discography with releases on several labels. The first remix opens with a nice punchy kick drum with subtle percussions in the background alongside a distant bassline that teases with its funky moves. Stuttering arps melt into each other as a noise riser builds up and leaving behind a more prominent bassline that gets the ass shaking. A beautifully rich sound ensues filled with wistful pads, subtle melodies and an ever present acid underlay. A spellbinding groove that will not disappoint.

Kiz Pattison Just Acid Remix ramps up the progressive pressure right from the get go thanks to a wonderfully executed drum arrangement and that grooving bassline that just makes you wanna get up and move. As the title suggests we’re in for a real treat in the acid department, but before we get there Kiz teases us with filtered nuances of the 303 sound alongside sublime pads and cascading arpeggios. On the break things settle down before the magic happens, out of the depths a full on acid line emerges as the filters, resonance and envelopes are opened to reveal a scathing sequence of pure unadulterated classic sounding acid. A truly superb cut that will appeal to many, no doubt.

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Nereo debuts on Piston Recordings with the fantastic house music slice Funky Dreams EP. Nereo has been churning out quality cuts since 2012 across several labels with great success on many charts and playlists. Delighted to have this guy on board and we hope to see more soon.

Funky Dreams intros with a smooth upbeat vibe thanks to chunky kick drums and a shuffling percussion arrangement. Echoing voices come through as a snare roll builds and the crashes to reveal a deep liquefied bassline that finds its way into every nook and cranny of the groove. The break dishes out cool vocals to the backdrop of some quality FX work before we get slammed back into full on mode for the duration. A must have no doubt, the floors are gonna rock to this one.

Make Up sets off with cool rhythmic percussion arrangement which is soon followed by a tight punchy kick drum that gets things moving nicely. A deep probing bassline takes control of the groove and is joined by cool urban style vocals. On the break we find some very cool sounds including a syncopated synth note that speeds up creating a fantastic climax that throws us right back into the main groove. Superb tech house that you do not want to miss.

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Popular Piston Recordings contributor Daniel Ray returns for his 5th outing here with the superb Under Your Bed EP. We last saw him back in December 2016 with the impressive Low Heals before appearances on volume 8 and 9 of our Secrets Of The Trade series. Always great to hear new material from this hugely talented artist and no doubt we’ll see much more in the future.

Under Your Bed settles into a wonderful deep groove right from the off as warm basses and chunky kick drums strike up a solid partnership alongside lush chords that fill out the low end of the spectrum beautifully. We’re lulled into the ever deepening atmosphere tanks to surreal background sounds that really get the imagination wandering. Superb stuff for the late night crew.

Ching Chong Cha delivers a fantastic deep and groovy slice of house music thanks to a tight drum section that also provides a smooth rhythmic flow. A deep bassline rolls through the track keeping us locked into the low end while space age synths churn out mesmeric melodies. The track also has a darker side where gritty synth stabs give off colourful textures which contrast beautifully within the sound. A definite must for the deeper set builders out there.

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Fede Key and Matteo Gargallo debut on Green Martian with the sublime Tesis which features a solid remix from Croatian outfit Cortex Thrill. Fede and Matteo got together in 2016 and they’ve created a special sound in the studio which will definitely get noticed. Federico Signori aka Fede Key got into the clubbing world working as a PR in 2000 at Alterego Club in Verona. In 2007 he started as a DJ playing a range of sounds from the most polished Deep House, to Tech House and Techno music. He has graced the decks with a plethora of top notch jocks over the years and has played at top clubs around Europe. In 2016 he started to produce his own music and already he boasts an impressive back catalogue. Matteo has been a DJ for many years and has also played at many top clubs alongside top jocks over the years. He is a relative newcomer to producing with his first release being a collab alongside Fede on Insist Music. A dynamic partnership with lots to offer, we look forward to more from this duo, but for now enjoy their foray into the progressive world.

Tesis is a solid progressive mover with a superb structure that will definitely get things moving on the floors. Right from the intro we find ourselves locked in to the groove thanks to tight drums and a fantastic groovy bassline and synth combi. The bassline dances effortlessly through the track while those playful synths add cool flavours. Robotic voices come through on the break revealing a very cool 80’s theme and this is enhanced with some melodic synths that remind us so much of the synthwave era. A wonderful addition for any set, not to be missed.

Bonzai veterans Cortex Thrill aka Croatian producers Ivo T. Montina and Sven Gleda are on hand for remix duties on this one and they do not disappoint. Considered with legendary status they were part of a burgeoning dance music scene in Europe and have released several top quality cuts on Bonzai over the years. More recently they have revamped the Cortex Thrill brand with some memorable progressive house tracks, including their latest – Utopia (Colonization) which gained a great deal of support across the board. Lots more in the pipeline from this duo, keep an eye out for their explosive live sets and new material. On the remix here Cortex Thrill do not hold back, right from the off we know they mean business thanks to an epic intro that automatically grabs your attention thanks to those super probing synth notes and that deep droning bass. A tight drum section slowly builds into a full on rhythmic fiesta that will definitely get feet to the floors. The progressive juices are in full flow here as the track tells its story with a myriad of sounds. On the break a gnarly bass drone takes over alongside some very cool sounds before we’re thrust right back into full on mode for the duration. Excellent stuff once more from this dynamic duo.

#fedekey #matteogargallo #greenmartian


German music genius L.S.G. aka Oliver Lieb throws up a nice little surprise for us with brand new remixes of his famous 1996 cut Netherworld. First appearing on his second studio album – Volume Two – Netherworld quickly became a firm favourite around the world. Oliver Lieb continues to be hugely influential to artists, his career spans almost 3 decades and in that time he’s delivered hundreds of tracks under various guises, with L.S.G. being one of his most popular. He is most known for his cutting edge techno and trance, but he also produces memorable downtempo, ambient and tech house. His works have featured on the legendary Superstition as L.S.G. with tracks like Fragile, Hearts, Blueprint, My Time Is Yours and the list goes on. Paragliders was also hugely successful as was lots of other aliases he went by. From here his tracks were picked by a multitude of labels including Hooj Choons, Yoshitoshi, Platipus and Sven Vath’s Harthouse where his Spicelab moniker dominated. In 1996 his tracks were picked up for some of our own labels starting with an appearance on XTC Trax 3 with Fontana which led to other inclusions on compilations for Bonzai Trance Progressive, Tripomatic and Tranceportation. One of the world’s best known aliases in the electronic music scene no doubt, delighted to have him on board at Bonzai.

The Main Mix delivers punchy kicks and crispy sharp hats alongside bright percussions. Mesmerizing pads fade in as a minimal bassline dances across the groove creating a wonderful re-imagined take on the original. Gated synths ease in to the arrangement and the break on the opens up to reveal that beautiful melody. Throughout the track the vocal adds character as well as keeping the classic vibe alive. An absolute stomper of a remix that will definitely grab a lot attention.

Bonzai regular Rise and Fall aka Russian artist Anton Vishniakov has the honour of providing the remix and yet again he delivers a stunning progressive workout. While Netherworld remains a timeless classic, this guy has added an outstanding modern twist that will appeal to a new generation of music lovers. The remix is a deep rooted monster filled with lush basses and a solid beat. We’re enthralled by the attention to detail here, subtle nuances in the FX department add depth and texture while the original synth melody is eased in to perfection. A sublime slice that you will not want to miss.

#lsg #bonzaiprogressive #oliverlieb #riseandfall


Pavlin Petrov delivers yet another one of his magnificent progressive offerings in the form of his new Tremor EP which delivers three very distinctive sounds for our listening pleasure. This one is hot on the heels of his last outing alongside Graham Lloris and their We Are Not Alone from February 2017. Hailing from Bulgaria Pavlin grew up with music by Jean Michelle Jarre, Vangleis and Enigma. He started producing in 2005 with a keen interest in Ambient before he got more into progressive house. Since then he mixes his tracks with an ambient atmosphere which is essential for progressive house. He likes to experiment with every new track and express that deep and dark feeling dedicated to his unique style. Over the last 5 or 6 years he has released a plethora of music on various labels including Mystic Carousel Records, KP Recordings, Beat Block Records, Suffused Music as well as Bonzai Progressive among others. On top of this he has an impressive list of remixes for others making him a very much in demand artist. Always great to have his new material drop in, he never disappoints.

Tremor takes us deep into the progressive rabbit hole with a driving, hypnotic groove. Led by a tight drum arrangement filled with chunky kicks and a myriad of shuffling hi hats, a thick bass moves through the track with dominance. Sharp synth hits resembling an alarm sound take us up to the break where a cosmic inspired lead synth takes over. A superb rising FX climaxes with the track plummeting back into the depths for the duration. An absolute stomper that is not to be missed.

Fortitude gets down and dirty right from the off with a nice chunky kick drum and a gnarly bass hit that transforms into a wonderfully crafted sequence. The rhythm is boosted by cool hi hats and various percussions as a sublime vocal comes in. The vocals offer a very interesting contrast to the gritty nature of the music, creating a unique and dynamic sound that will definitely grab a lot of attention.

Vicious Love goes deep into the progressive abyss thanks to a mind altering cacophony of sounds wrapped up in a super tight arrangement. The track is driven by a thick, gnarly bass and pounding kick drums with various percussions generating a solid rhythm. A dark vocal gives the track a lot of character and blends beautifully with the organic nature of the sounds. The synths offer up a dystopian flavour with a futuristic twist to the sound making this a definite must have for those late night sessions.

#pavlinpetrov #bonzaiprogressive


DJ and producer Marcelo De Almeida debuts on Piston Recordings with the superb Dub Motion EP which features three excellent cuts. Having spent his childhood in Canada listening to Hip Hop, he later moved to Portugal where he discovered a whole new world of music in the underground house music scene. After mastering the art mixing he turned his hand at music production and began to delve into deep and tech house. He is the label manager at Raw Level Records and over the years he has dished out a plethora of top notch grooves across several quality labels. We’re delighted to have him here at Piston and we hope to see more in the future.

Dub Motion intros with a very nice thumping kick drum and shuffling hi hat combi which are soon joined by some nifty drum work on the percussions that provide a steady rhythmic flow. A spoken vocal comes in which sets the mood for the atmospherics to follow their trippy path. Surreal keys and swirling FX boost the hypnotic groove as a subtle bass keeps the low end moving nicely. Top notch stuff not to be missed.

The Powder sets out with just one thing in mind, to rock the joint, no doubt. Seriously pumping beats over a perfectly balanced percussion arrangement are the main ingredients here and they sure do make a tasty groove. The break features a cool narrative which is followed by distant chord pads that add a sublime characteristic to the groove. This one just ploughs on with the discerning clubber in mind, superb stuff.

My Deep Heart offers a warming deep house vibe which starts off with floating pads and chords over a scattered percussion arrangement and a single down beat. A solid 4×4 rhythm soon takes over and we find ourselves locked in. Bright hi hats cut through a sub level bass that adds lush tones to the groove as screeching FX deliver a mesmeric flavour. The break throws up some beautiful subtle melodies before we’re pulled back into full on mode for the duration. A definite must have for sure.

#marcelodealmeida #pistonrecordings


Mike Morales aka Mi Ke returns to Piston with another round of sublime deep house grooves. This one marks his thrid outing for us having previously scored great support with Come With Me EP back in April 2017 and his debut slice, 214 EP under his Mi Ke moniker. Mike is a force to be reckoned with on the house scene as he’s been around for quite some time. He is heavily influenced by Portugal’s infamous underground scene and his name began resonating amongst established DJ’s and artists. His debut track – Dream Shattered, premiered on Digweed’s Transitions radio show in 2003 and since then he has continued to churn out top quality vibes.

606 State gets moving with a distinctive, organically flavoured drum arrangement that coaxes you into its infectious rhythm. A powerfully deep and probing bassline comes through to dominate the groove as brighter chord stabs are introduced. A cool vocal rings out while groovy keys add an extra spice to the groove. Superb deep house sounds perfect for dancing well into the night.

So Special delivers a solid deep house groove that will definitely keep the floors buzzing. The track is powered by a tight drum arrangement featuring shuffling hi hats and percussions with a nice punchy kick drum as leader. A fantastic subby bass weaves its way through the groove as cool vocals come through. Warm deep house chords are joined by distinct clubby vocals that take the track to the next level and making it a definite must have.

#mikemorales #pistonrecordings


Abib Djinn debuts on Bonzai Basiks with the sublime Cartago Nova EP. Abib joins us from our sister label CZ where he has already enjoyed a couple of solid releases and an appearance at the Amsterdam Dance Event. He is a self confessed genie of dark techno vibes. He loves to create decadent dark atmospheres and hard parties. A wonderful up and coming talent with a lot to offer, this guy is most definitely one to watch for the future, most likely the dark side of the future.

First up we have the monstrous booming techno grooves of Cartago Nova War with its sublime pounding kick drums and sub level bass. Shuffling hi hats and percussion patterns provide a steady flowing rhythm as cool vocal snippets fleet by. Subtle synths lurk in the background as a single hypnotic note pokes through the raucous lower end frequencies. Full on and in your face, not to be missed.

The Cartago Nova War Dub delivers a solid gut busting techno slice much like the original. Pumping beats are overlaid with a sub level bass that gets right under your skin. A much darker, more sinister groove is evident with the Dub thanks to those powerful drums and shuddering basses which keep this one firmly in the underground where it will not disappoint.

Next up is the cleverly arranged Dirty Bull which is full to the brim with drums that layer effortlessly into a multi faceted rhythmic chorus of drums. A raw techno groove is the result which keeps us hooked for the duration. What seems chaotic is quite organised as you start to pick out intricate patterns that interlock perfectly with the next and the next and so on. Fantastic stuff that will definitely grab a lot of attention.

Mirages is a thunderous, pounding techno slice with a powerful kick drum driving the groove deeper into the underground. The kicks are accompanied by sharp hi hats and shuffling percussions to bring in a cool rhythmic flow. A sub shattering bass sits beautifully on the low end while surreal bells fill the spectrum to enhance the trip. Another fine example of raw unadulterated techno that is a definite must have.

#abibdjinn #bonzaibasiks